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  • A little history about me...

    I have always liked RC stuff and I always thought I would end up doing shop work because from a young age I liked the idea of selling products to customers.  I had loads of RC cars, cranes, boats and submarines when I was little and played for hours with them but I got really hooked on it as a hobby when I was 9 years old.  In fact it was just a few days before my 10th birthday and a friend of my Mum and Dad’s called Dave brought a new RC plane he had bought to our house.  He was flying it around I was so amazed with it I asked my Mum and Dad for one for my birthday.

    When I got my plane Dave took me to an indoor flying session at his RC flying club where I had a great time and realised that I really enjoyed flying.  As the years went on I joined a flying club of my own and collected more and more models. As I got older and started to think about what I wanted to do when I left school I dreamt of owning my own model shop.  Each time I visited a model shop I would think about how great it would be to work in that environment surrounded by the very things I was passionate about.  There were some new flats with shops underneath being built close to where I live and each time we drove past it I would imagine one of them being my shop. When I was 16 I managed to get a Saturday job working in a Model Shop. I really enjoyed the work and it just reinforced my desire to be doing this type of work full time for myself.  I decided to go to college and learn business studies in the hope that it would give me the foundations I needed to run a business and not just work in a shop


    In my final year of college I met with one of my tutors to discuss my options for the following year. My choices were to go to university to do a degree in business studies or to leave full time education and look for employment. My tutor was all too aware of my dream to own a model shop and during conversation she suggested that I speak to someone at Rotherham Youth Enterprise to see if they could give me some advice on what my best options were.  I had a meeting with Rotherham Youth Enterprise who told me that there was no reason to delay starting my business. So I set about doing a business plan and working out what I needed and the costs involved.

    My Mum and Dad have been very supportive they said they had expected to pay for my education and support me if I went to university. With their help and a small business loan Dynomodels was born, which I planned to open it at the beginning of September 2015, after putting on an exhibition at the Rotherham Show.

    What I thought would be the easy bit, I found to be the hardest and that was finding a premises. I looked round a lot; some were just too expensive, some needed a lot of money spending on them, some were in the wrong location and when I did find something that seemed to be ideal the landlords were just too nervous to rent to someone of my age with no previous trading history. I had planned to open my business at the beginning of September and was still looking for premises in August so this was a very anxious time.  Just as I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen my Mum and I were driving past the flats with shops underneath that I had seen being built some years ago and I noticed that one of the shops no longer had a sign above it. We stopped to have a look and saw that it was empty so I made some enquiries and managed to get to speak to the landlord. He arranged to meet me and when I told him my story and the difficulties I had been having getting people to trust in me he agreed to give me a 20160130_122049-1chance and let the shop to me.

    At last I had found the much needed premises and the shop was perfect. It was just the right size, modern and on a busy main road close to where I live.  I got the keys on 1st September 2015 and managed to get all my suppliers on board just in the nick of time.

    The shop opened on 14 September as planned and I immediately had a lot of interest. I don’t specialise in anything in particular as I am trying to appeal to a wide customer base but I make a point of asking people what they would like to see in the shop and have tried to cater to customer requests so as to grow the shop in the areas that customers have asked for.  I now have quite a large RC car section and quite a few accessories for the RC pilots that has evolved through customer input. A year on and I have doubled the amount of stock and as well as my regular customers I am still picking up new ones with some travelling quite a distance too.  One customer came in the other day that had travelled all the way from Oldham to buy a car.

    I like to think that I am offering an excellent customer service and I have gone out of my way on several occasions too. For example I actually came out to the shop on Christmas day as a customer desperately needed a part for his car and I have done the same on a Sunday too.  I know how frustrating it is waiting for a part because the Model shop is closed so where I can I do like to help. I also stock very good well known branded items from reputable suppliers so I have confidence in the products I sell and what I don’t have I can usually get within a few days. I also have a great team behind me. My mum helps me almost every day in the shop and Dave who took me to that first flying club is extremely knowledgeable where models are concerned.  He is my engineer and technical mentor.  He helps me carry out the Nitro car services and does the more complicated repairs on customer’s models. I have Dave to thank for getting me into the hobby and also for teaching me everything I know about them. Rotherham Youth Enterprise are also on hand should I need any extra business mentorship and they keep inviting me back to do an exhibit at the Rotherham Show and to give talks to other aspiring business owners.

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    I am now living the dream I had from being a very young age. My job is my hobby and I enjoy every minute of it. My plans are to continue growing so I can support my customers. There is just so many products in this industry it is impossible to stock everything but my aim is to continue to reinvest as much money and time as I can so as to meet the needs of as many like-minded modelers as I can.  One day I would like to own a much larger shop and also run my own model clubs and workshops but that is yet another dream I will have to wait to come true. But maybe one day who knows!

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