Tamiya TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit

Tamiya TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit
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Overheating of the electronic speed controller (ESC) in R/C models eventually leads to the deployment of the heat protection function, which stops the model immediately. Attaching this cooling fan unit to your ESC will help to slow the overheating process and ensure not only longer running times but also allow a wider range of setting options that would otherwise be unavailable. As a thin unit, it takes up little space in the chassis of the model.

  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 7mm
  • Features an ergonomic hood-shape mount for attachment to the ESC.
  • The fan's power cable can be inserted into an open port in the receiver.
  • Attachment mount is compatible with TBLE-02S, TEU-104BK, TEU-105BK and TEU-106BK ESC units from Tamiya.
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